Now is the best time to invest in property

At the start of the community quarantine, the real estate and property market has slowed down, but now it’s picking up with renewed interest from buyers. Industry experts also cite indications that the sector will definitely bounce back and that makes investing in real estate in perfect timing.


Buyers are more interested to buy a home or property. The health crisis had highlighted the need for safe and comfortable homes where residents can ride out the tough times. Today, buyers tend to be more careful in selecting locations, preferring those with added security and easy access to utilities and health facilities, and those with available space for leisure activities.


When there’s a crisis, recognize the opportunities. Under the general community quarantine, the market is making its way for a rebound as buyers’ interest remains high since investing in real estate and properties is still lucrative with the ready supply available on hand. In turn, the developers responded by giving out price discounts, low reservation fees, extended down payment terms, and attractive promos. Industry players predict that property prices will increase by next year and payments terms will not to be as favorable, so the opportunity to invest now is advantageous.


With disposable income, now is the time to invest. Smart buyers know when conditions are right and do make a purchase accordingly. If you belong to an industry not heavily impacted by the pandemic, have enough savings, or financially able to make a loan, go ahead, browse and search for your dream house or property.


The developers are very responsive to inquiries, even on social media, and welcomes requests for virtual tours. So, make a smart decision and make most of opportunities to invest now. It pays to know where to invest your money. Industry players know that real estate values will continue to increase in the long run. The reality of the country’s demographics will demand it as the economy is headed for recovery.


The capital city of Manila remains one of the largest cities with over 18 million residents. As a top investment area, it hosts many real estate properties with different price range, vibes, pros, and cons. Second tier cities like Cebu and Davao are also good areas for investments.


In Metro Manila, you can find expats, upper class locals, and multinational companies in the areas of Quezon City, Makati, and Taguig. And with the recent developments, these cities are considered as prime spots for real estate properties, especially condominium buildings.


Aside from the aforementioned, Baguio City and General Santos cities are considered growing markets for real estate.