Easy Steps in Planning a Wedding

Planning for a wedding can be a confusing time, especially when you don’t know where to begin. Don’t fret. Wedding plans can be a fun experience once you set your mind to it and find the right people to help you every step of the way.

They say the best time to start planning for a wedding is whenever you’re ready to sit down and discuss the details. It is also encouraged to start early. “I say at least a year prior to your wedding date would be perfectly right to start,” recommended by Marifi Antonio of Stat Events and Trends.

Set Date

When planning for a wedding, choosing the date of your special event remains on top of the list. This is a very important detail that you need to pick right from the start with your fiancé. Having the wedding date fixed will help you get started with attending to other wedding details. Right after that is settled, you may now send out ‘Save a Date’ cards or emails accordingly.

Choose a wedding theme

There are so many wedding themes to choose from, but you need not to follow what’s trendy. Come up with a shortlist and pick the one that you and your fiancé like most of all. A wedding theme usually turns out to be unique and memorable when it’s based on the couple’s personality. Take time to consider yours and your partner’s wants and ideas, and come up with one you both envision your wedding to be like.

Pick a Venue

When looking for a wedding venue, always check first if the place is suitable to execute your preferred theme. Then look into other details such as rental fees, facilities, parking, and amenities. It is also favorable to do a virtual tour, or an ocular visit whenever possible.


Extra tip: Look for a venue that can offer prenup photoshoot locations, host wedding ceremonies, and reception areas, as well as a list of accredited and reputable suppliers. That way you can save on time and effort looking for ones to work with.

Wedding Invites

Your wedding invites give your guests their first peek at your wedding details, thus it must be prepared with utmost care. To achieve this, you can rely on stationery stores that specialize on wedding invites, or you can do it yourself by using invitation templates and avail of printing services. Once that is settled, sit down with your partner and prepare a preliminary guest list. Begin with your immediate families, close family relations, and then your circle of friends that you can’t imagine getting married without. If it’s truly necessary, trim down your number of guests after careful consideration.

Set a Budget

One of the most sensible pieces of advice is to set a budget that is based on your capacity. Start by determining your current financial status: your income and expenses. Then set a reasonable budget, an amount that you’re willing to spend that can cover your wedding cost, but one that will not wipe out your bank account, or leave you in debt.


“Nowadays, the reasonable budget for a grand wedding is P900,000 up to P1.2 million. It really depends on the location and the event professionals that you will contract for the event. A decent wedding these days can go as low as P600,000 to P850,000, while a standard intimate wedding can be managed at P400,000,” says Gregg Flores of Sweet Comfort Events Management.

Seek professional assistance

Today, most soon to wed couples find it necessary to hire a wedding planner or on the day coordinator. Having professionals serve as your guide may ease you from the burden of attending to some wedding details and even prevent you from settling on the wrong choices. It is good to have someone you can rely on who is capable of making good decisions on urgent matters, and can fill in the gap in mismatched details, based on their experience.

Attend bridal events

Bridal fairs, or wedding expos can be very helpful because these events provide couples a whole picture of a wedding planning journey. Given the exposure to industry players, couples can freely choose the best ones based on their preferences. Participate in food tasting activities, so you get to decide on the right caterer that carries a menu that suits your particular taste in dishes.


In addition, these events give couples the opportunity to talk directly to event professionals, vendors, and suppliers, view actual wedding styling and designs, get the best deal and discounted rates. There is also a good chance for you to receive freebies and win in raffle draws, too.