The Magic of Cocktail Hours: Why They’re Essential and How Club Ananda Enhances the Experience

by Jalen Senal

Cocktail hours hold a special place in any event, particularly weddings. They serve as a delightful interlude between the ceremony and the reception, providing guests with an opportunity to mingle, relax, and enjoy some delicious drinks and appetizers. But why exactly are cocktail hours so important?

Cocktail hours serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they provide a smooth transition between the formal ceremony and the more relaxed reception. This gives guests time to unwind, socialize, and prepare for the festivities ahead.

Secondly, cocktail hours allow for beautiful photo opportunities. While the newlyweds are busy with their post-ceremony photoshoot, guests can enjoy cocktails in a picturesque setting, creating memorable moments captured by candid shots.

Lastly, cocktail hours set the tone for the rest of the event. A well-planned cocktail hour with a variety of drinks, appetizers, and entertainment can build anticipation for the reception.

Club Ananda’s Water Park: A Unique Twist on Cocktail Hours Club Ananda takes cocktail hours to the next level with its Water Park. Imagine sipping on a refreshing drink, eating at food carts, or even taking a pic at the photobooth while enjoying the serene ambiance of the water park. It’s not just a cocktail hour; it’s an experience.

The Water Park offers a unique backdrop for your cocktail hour. The sound of water, the cool breeze, and the beautiful surroundings create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for your guests.


At Club Ananda, cocktail hours are transformed into an immersive experience with our Water Park as the stunning backdrop. Guests can indulge in a variety of activities while sipping on bespoke cocktails, such as:


Grazing Tables: Lavishly spread with artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, fresh fruits, and a selection of bread and crackers, our grazing tables are not only a feast for the eyes but also for the palate. Club Ananda is in partnership with amazing Grazing Tables Suppliers such as Tease and Taste, Decor8 Avenue, The Lab Confectioners, and Donuts by Hazel.

Live Stations: Interactive live stations where guests can watch as chefs prepare gourmet bites and appetizers tailored to their preferences.

Mobile Bars: Skilled bartenders can showcase the art of cocktail-making, offering personalized drinks and engaging guests in the experience. We have amazing accredited mobile bars for you every occasion; GQ Mobile Bar, Funcocktail, and Blaze Blend and Brews.


Food Carts: Club Ananda’s Water Park can provide a stunning venue for cocktail hours, and with suppliers like Ay Sauce, the food cart experience can be elevated to match the beautiful setting.

Relaxation Lounges: Intimate areas with comfortable seating where guests can unwind and enjoy the tranquil sounds of the water park with the help of our partner J’Lounge.


Acoustic Performances: Enjoy the soothing sounds of live acoustic music as it adds a touch of elegance to the atmosphere.


Photo Gallery: Club Ananda’s Water Park offers a picturesque backdrop that can enhance the display of wedding pictures. The serene ambiance of the water park, combined with a well-curated photo gallery, can create a memorable and visually appealing experience for guests. It’s a great way to showcase the couple’s journey and the joyous moments of the wedding day.

Photo Booths: Capture the joy of the moment with fun and creative photo booths, complete with props and backdrops.
Moreover, Club Ananda offers a variety of lists for cocktail hour suppliers to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a simple setup or a lavish spread, our partners got you covered.

In conclusion, cocktail hours are more than just a break in the event; they’re an integral part of the celebration. And with Club Ananda’s Water Park, your cocktail hour will be an unforgettable experience. So why wait? Book Club Ananda for your next event and let us make your cocktail hour truly special.