Tips when Planning for an Intimate Wedding

When it comes to weddings, it’s no surprise that celebrations will be on the smaller side for now. And we expect to see more intimate weddings in the coming months. Intimate weddings or micro weddings may have scaled down in size, but it does not mean that couples can’t have a special and gorgeous wedding day.

Here are some tips to make your intimate wedding doable and just as grand you wish it to be:

Most couples with intimate wedding arrangements choose al fresco venues over traditional style venues. Lush gardens, beach side, or pool sides are all good choices for memorable weddings with gorgeous styling and decor. They’re also compliant with safety regulations given the ample space and ventilation.

Due to health protocols, mass gatherings are restricted by the authorities. To accommodate more guests, wedding couples do have the option to host a series of small events. This way, all guests get to share moments with the couple as part of the wedding celebration.


Aside from health protocols, some guests are burdened by travel restrictions, especially those who live overseas. However, there are social media sites and apps (Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Live, Instagram Live) that guests can use so they can the wedding virtually. Live streaming and recording the special event had made it possible for friends and family to attend the nuptials at least online.


Small weddings leave a lot of room for couples to get busy and creative. They can add personal touches on the wedding ceremony, or try different seating and table arrangements. Some couples personalize their wedding invitations, thank you notes, the reception menu and even their wedding cake. Others dress up the lounge or cocktail area where guests can relax and mingle.