What you need to know before getting vaccinated

Getting vaccinated is an important step to gain protection against the Covid-19 virus. To achieve herd immunity and contain the spread of the virus, 70 percent of the population needs vaccination. Now that the vaccination program has already begun, here are some tips on how to get ready for our vaccination schedule.

Go to your doctor first before getting vaccinated.

If you have comorbidities (asthma, hypertension, obesity, heart conditions), or a history of allergic reactions, it would be best to seek your doctor’s advice first before you register and line up to get a shot.

Wear vaccine-friendly clothes.

Wear a sleeveless shirt or blouse, or one with easy to roll up sleeves. This will help the nurse or health worker have easy access to your upper arm where he administers the shots.

Bring valid IDs and proof of appointment.

Don’t forget to bring your identification cards and proof of appointment so that they can easily process confirmation of your vaccination slot. It is also best to bring a medical certificate, or prescription slips if you’re under medication.

Plan your vaccination day.

Plan ahead your travel route to the vaccination site, and determine what time you should be there. Get enough rest the day before your appointment and remain calm as you wait for your turn.

Be aware of side effects once vaccinated.

While side effects from vaccination are generally mild and temporary, have pain relievers ready on hand. If side effects persist for a few days, check with your doctor.

Don’t forget your second shot.

To benefit from the full efficacy of the vaccine, you need to complete two doses. Keep in mind your next vaccination schedule for the second dose, so you will not miss your slot.

Keep your vaccination card after getting vaccinated.

The vaccination card is the best proof of your vaccination record. Take good care of your vaccination card for possible future use such as travel. You can also take a picture of your vaccination from your camera phone for reference.